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I’ve always thought of the casino Money Wheel as bit of a sideshow game. You’ll see derivatives of the wheel at local fairs, Easter shows, A&P shows, or at circus events. This Big Six / Money Wheel can be a fun game. Welcome to Jackpot Wheel Online Casino. You’ve made the best bet when it comes to choosing an online casino, because Jackpot Wheel Online Casino is all you’ll ever need or want. Welcome to the brand new Wheel of Fortune Slots featuring Pat Sajak and Vanna White. Play dozens of unique Wheel of Fortune slot machines and tons of your favorite slots from the casino floor.

Slot Wheels is a casino game by the online gaming software developer Multislots. This software provider is quite new to the gaming scene and is slowly gaining recognition in the casino industry. The theme of this game is based on race cars. Players are welcomed with a feeling of the nightlife in the city with posh cars as.

You’ve probably seen the Money Wheel (sometimes called the Cash Wheel, or Big Six wheel as the wheel has 6 different possible combinations) in your local casino. It’s normally a big wooden or plastic wheel with lots of different coloured sections on it that gets hand spun by a Money Wheel (Bix Six Wheel) casino dealer, and makes a clack-clack noise as it’s spun. You bet on combinations available on the Money Wheel and you get paid at various odds if the wheel marker ends up on those combinations. I’ve always thought of the casino Money Wheel as bit of a sideshow game. You’ll see derivatives of the wheel at local fairs, Easter shows, A&P shows, or at circus events.

This Big Six / Money Wheel can be a fun game to play — but the secret to winning here is to bet SMALL, and never more than one or two number combinations at a time. This game is all about luck — there’s no strategy that you can apply to the Money Wheel to win consistently in the long term.

Money Wheel (Big Six) is a simple game to play, and you can get up to a 40–1 payout (that’s higher than roulette, but the house edge is higher on the Money Wheel). Simply guess which symbol group on the large cash wheel the gauge / marker will point to when the wheel stops following a dealer spin. Money Wheel (also called Cash Wheel, or in some countries Big Six wheel) is normally played on a vertical rotary big wheel with a fixed gauge/pointer on the edge. The wheel has 54 (USA) or 52 (Australia) slots/sections signifying various repeating groups of the six principal betting symbols. The odds paid out however are not the true odds — thus our advice to bet small here.


To bet, put your cash on the table and let the dealer exchange your money for casino gaming chips. Place your chips on the part of the Money Wheel betting layout that represents the bet you which to make. You may bet on one or more symbols each time. When all wagers are placed, the dealer spins the wheel with a solid pull and push down activity and catches one side of the wheel. The Big Six wheel slowly grinds to a stop and shows the winning number / symbol.

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The symbols, odds, returns and house edge are shown for each possible Money Wheel bet below.

Gambling wheel game
Casino Games Wheel

Big Six Money Wheel (Cash Wheel) Odds Slots and Payoffs
24 slots at even money, indicated $1, pays 1 to 1 — House Edge is 11.11%
15 slots at 2:1, indicated $2, pays 2 to 1 — House Edge is 16.67%
7 slots at 5:1, indicated $5, pays 5 to 1 — House Edge is 22.22%
4 slots at 10:1, indicated $10, pays 10 to 1 — House Edge is 18.52%
2 slots at 20:1, indicated $20, pays 20 to 1 — House Edge is 22.22%
1 slot at 40:1, indicated Joker or Logo, pays 40 to 1 — House Edge is 24.07% (or 14.81% if 45:1 is paid)

Play the Big Six Money Wheel for small stakes, and never for a long period. Our How to Beat the Casinos mantra of “Get in (to the game), Get Up (in your bankroll / capital), Get Out (leave the game)” should be closely followed here. You can easily win on the Money Wheel in the short term, but the very high house edge on this game will mean you simply can’t win in the long term.

Come spin the jackpot wheel at Jackpot Wheel Casino and enjoy a massive diversity of games, bonuses designed to help you win, fair and responsible gaming, and round-the-clock customer support. Jackpot Wheel casino’s 200-plus games library of slots, table, and video poker games, etc. has been compiled by Rival, Saucify, and BetSoft. The casino’s numerous promotions and bonuses are matched by the bonus rounds and other incentives built into the new-age, theme-scripted slots and other games.

The attraction of Jackpot Wheel casino begins at their website. As the home page opens, the entire screen is filled with the vast backdrop of a Vegas-style skyline rendered hazy by the dazzling lights of Sin City. Scroll down and you come face to face with the mass of the casino’s games lobby. Players familiar with the titles can straightaway click on their favorite game and start playing after logging in. All the major links are at the bottom, with more links on the left.

Don’t miss out on the Leaderboard link which keeps track of players’ progress in the ongoing contests and lucky draws. The casino platform can be accessed in real time through browsers or can be downloaded and played offline. The platform works equally well on smartphones and tablets, including games with elaborate narratives and rich graphics. Jackpot Wheel casino has been awarded the Fan Choice and Online Slots Awards.

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